Many companies and municipalities across the country are enjoying the benefits of propane autogas. Below are a few case studies that provide a detailed account of how industries and organizations are putting propane-fueled vehicles and equipment to use in fleet and commercial applications. Using real-world experience, these studies take a look at the actual performance, refueling infrastructure, training, maintenance, and benefits of propane-fueled vehicles and equipment. Click the links below to read each case study (Case studies provided by the Propane Education and Research Council. To see a full list of case studies, click here)

Propane Company, Delta Liquid Energy, Practices What it Preaches

By maintaining partnerships with original engine manufacturers (OEMs) and keeping an eye on the future of renewable propane, Delta Liquid Energy is poised to continue running their fleet on propane Autogas for years to come. Most of their propane delivery trucks run on their own fuel, proving that propane works just as hard as diesel. Read this case study about ARRO Autogas’s parent company to see how we are keeping our foot on the pedal and moving toward a propane future.

San Diego’s Metro System is Keeping it Clean and Affordable with Propane

The Metropolitan Transit System of San Diego, CA strives to provide clean, reliable public transportation while being financially responsible with the taxpayer dollars that run their system. They’ve accomplished this with the help of 77 propane powered paratransit and mini buses. Operation transition was seamless for them and they’ve been reducing their costs and emissions. Read here to find out how propane is helping with their climate goals.

Decades of Use: Propane School Buses Prove the Right Choice for Alvin ISD

Tried and true – Alvin Independent School District has been running propane autogas school buses for 37 years. They report fuel cost savings of 50 percent annually when compared to conventional fuels and low maintenance with a quick turnaround time. Read their story here and find out why they feel propane autogas is “the perfect fuel to use for a school bus.”

Florida School District Goes Green and Experiences Increased Performance with Propane

Indian River County School District was the first in Florida to adopt propane autogas school buses. Immediately they found out that when running these buses they were reducing their environmental impact and creating a cleaner community. Find out more about their green experience and the other benefits they’ve enjoyed with propane here.

Maintaining Competitive Pricing in a World of Rising Fuel Costs

Chicago based Go Airport Express started powering half of their fleet with propane in 2011. They found that with propane they can decrease their spending and operating costs and maintain a great price for their customers. The lower impact their green fleet has on the environment doesn’t hurt their reputation either. Their positive propane experience can be read here.

Receiving the Best Bang for Your Buck When Traveling 15,000 miles a Month

When Lake Michigan Mailers compared many alternative fuel options, propane came out the clear winner for their needs. They looked at cost of converting vehicles, total cost of ownership, fuel costs and range, and the cost of infrastructure; their research proved that propane would give the fastest return on investment. After just nine months of using propane, they estimated a cost savings of 12 cents per mile! Read here how they overcame increased gasoline prices by making the switch.

The Propane Education and Research Council also offers informative testimonial videos from school districts seeing the benefits of operating propane autogas school buses TODAY. Find out more and watch these videos on PERC’s Website.