Propane is a cleaner burning, domestically produced energy source. Using propane as a fuel to power vehicles (referred to by most as propane autogas) is increasing in popularity and this fuel is quickly becoming a preferred engine fuel choice for fleets of all sizes across the nation. There are currently just under 200,000 autogas vehicles certified in the United States being utilized by school districts, municipalities, and private fleets to move goods and people. Below are just some of the many benefits seen by fleets powering with propane autogas.

Fact Sheets

When comparing propane Autogas to other alternatives, Autogas will win out every time. This fuel’s ability to maintain the work power needed for heavy duty applications while still burning clean is unmatched by any other option. The fact sheets below will show how propane Autogas stacks up against electricity, compressed natural gas, and diesel.

The cost effectiveness and reliability of propane Autogas makes it an ideal fuel for school bus applications.

A photo of a California school bus infographic.