Service Station Partnerships

ARRO Autogas over twenty locations throughout Southern California and Southern Nevada. Each location is equipped with a propane dispenser, a propane tank, and a Fuel Track Management System called FuelMaster.

 An added advantage to being a service station partner with ARRO Autogas is the increased sales you may receive from the general public who may be looking for a place to refill their personal propane cylinders. Your attendants will be properly trained in the use of the propane dispensing equipment and all sales resulting from cylinders filled by your attendants for the general public are yours. Station operating hours for the general public will vary by location as station owners have the flexibility to set their convenience store hours as they see fit.

Propane Vehicle, Engine, and Conversion Partnerships

We are fortunate to work with industry leaders who up-fit conventional engines to run on propane and with those who manufacture vehicles with engines that use propane straight off the factory line. Below is a list of industry partners who have vehicles available in California and Nevada:

ICOM Alternative Fuel Systems

ICOM North America manufactures liquid propane injection systems, patented fuel tanks, and other support prodcuts and supplies them to OEMs and aftermarket users. This company’s experience and expertise in the propane industry gives ARRO Autogas customers the opportunity to upfit vehicles that run on conventional fuels with confidence. ICOM North America works closely with ARRO Autogas technicians to ensure your propane system is running safely and efficiently.

Roush Clean Tech

Roush Clean Tech is a propane autogas fuel system manufacturer that partners with Ford to provide systems for many Ford vehicles. They have the capabilities to add these systems after you’ve received your conventionally fueled fleet vehicle or Roush can include your propane system straight off the Ford production line.

Blue Bird

Blue Bird Bus offers a complete line of school buses, including Typa A, C, and D. While they do not solely focus on propane buses, Blue Bird does offer options for our alternative fuel using the Roush Clean Tech system.

Collins Bus

Collins Bus has been specializing in Type A school buses for over 50 years. Their GM chasis can be produced with a 6.0L propane option engine. Their history in the industry has earned them a reputation in safety and innovative engineering.

IC Bus

A school bus manufacturing leader, IC Bus, offers a propane powered school bus that utilizes a PsI Propane engine. This CE series bus comes straight from the manufacturer ready to carry your precious cargo, school children, to and from in a cleaner, quiet environment.

Greenkraft Inc.

Greenkraft Inc. is a conversion kit manufacturer that focuses on cleaning up the environment by changing traditionally fueled engines to engines that run on alternative fuels. They offer a variety of conversion products for Ford, GM, and Isuzu models.


Isuzu manufactures medium-duty trucks. They offer a gasoline powered delivery box truck line that has the option of a propane conversion. Offering a wide variety of wheelbases, cabs, and GVWRs, Isuzu can customize your propane fleet for whatever your needs.


Freightliner, a premiere commercial truck chassis manufacturer, offers an S2G propane option. This is the only propane autogas engine available to the medium-duty truck market in California and is customizable to your fleet’s operation.

Alliance Autogas

With a proprietary conversion kit system, Alliance Autogas offers customers the opportunity to move seamlessly to a propane autogas vehicle. They are currently pending CARB certification approval and will have the ability to convert vehicles in California soon.