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ARRO Autogas provides premium propane motorfuel for propane powered trucks, autos and alternative fuel fleets throughout California. Servicing public and private propane refueling stations, ARRO Autogas works with fleet operators to offer convenient, publicly accessible refueling for LPG and propane powered fleets. ARRO Autogas is also a certified upfitter, warranty center and mobile service. It's just like when you take your personal car to the Ford Dealer, or, we come to you.

Current Propane Autogas Price Per Gallon

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Professional Propane with Prokee

With ARRO Autogas’ advanced Prokee controlled Fuel Management System, fleet operators that manage numerous propane powered trucks and vehicles can now track their autogas usage, LPG motorfuel mileage, hours in service, vehicle type, identification numbers and more.

Order your Prokee today and schedule a training at one of our sites to learn how ARRO Autogas can enhance your public and private refueling experience and help manage your alternative fuel fleets.

Call or email Ted Olsen at (855) ARRO GAS, or visit us at 1960 Ramada Drive, Paso Robles, CA to order your Prokee today.

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